How JEI Helps Improve Writing Skills

Parents can get very concerned if their children have difficulty reading and writing well. This is where learning centers like JEI Learning Center can be very helpful. JEI Learning Center has an educational program that is highly effective in improving the reading and writing skills of children. Read on to find out more about how JEI helps to improve writing skills.

About JEI Franchise

When JEI was founded in 1992, its aim was to assist children in becoming effective learners in both English and math. The founder, Sung Hoon Park, developed the JEI Self-Learning Method® to be implemented at JEI Learning Center. This self-learning method allowed children to learn things at their own pace, transforming their attitude towards learning for the better. The main idea was to help children perceive learning as something that was fun instead of something that was stress-inducing. Now, the JEI Self-Learning Method® is used in JEI Learning Centers all around the world.

JEI Reading and Writing Program

This program is an enrichment program based on literature. The aim of JEI’s Reading and Writing program is to strengthen children’s writing and comprehension skills. This is done through incorporating different forms of literature, including nonfiction and fiction. The program, which explores literature to strengthen mastery in writing and comprehension, is suitable for grades 2 to 7. Through this program, students can expect to learn more about writing, comprehension, editing and proofreading. At the same time, the program aims to build analytical skills and critical thinking.

Key Features of the JEI Reading and Writing Program

The program will foster strong writing, editing, comprehension and proofreading skills in students. Within each grade level, students will get to explore and learn from different types of literary genres. After that, students will advance through different nonfiction and fiction books.

Why Should Parents Choose JEI?

Here at JEI, the JEI Self-Learning Method® used in our learning centers will transform children’s attitude towards learning and help them build confidence through the individually paced programs. This will also teach children to learn independently and be excited about the learning process, which will help to boost their growth exponentially.

Each student will also take a Diagnostic Test at JEI Learning Center to identify both strengths and weaknesses in reading and writing. After the Diagnostic Test, students will receive a report and a prescribed study program best suited for them. With a comfortable starting point, students will start to believe in themselves, especially those who are struggling in school. Once gaps in knowledge have been filled, students will eventually master reading and writing skills.

If you are thinking about sending your child to a learning center, check out JEI Learning Center today. We have all sorts of different programs that could help improve your child’s standards, even beyond writing skills.