Star Student: Fall into the wonderfully descriptive writing of Suri

Our students amaze us every day and today’s star student is no exception. Suri joined us in 2016 for both math and language arts, during which time she grew into the confident writer she is today.

Join us as we fall into the dark pool and enjoy the wonderfully descriptive language. Don’t be surprised if one day she shares a bookshelf with the likes of Stephen King.

The Dark Pool

The date was Friday, June 13th, I didn’t know it would be my last day alive…

The brisk air gave me chills down my spine, as I was outside of my friend’s house for a pool party. We finally graduated from the ghastly jail others call the school, so she decided to host a party along with our class. I was heading there at night, and the icy wind was picking up. Even though summer was just beginning, the moon shone above, captivating the entrance gates that lied ahead.

I walked closer to the gates, the dark railing giving me a piercing icy feeling, numbing my hands. I expected to hear clutters of people talking and dancing with others. Music playing and filling my ears so loud I would not be able to hear others talking. People socializing and enjoying the last days of seeing each other, before heading off in different directions in college.

Instead, I was greeted by silence. Dead silence. The air turned black around me. It felt unsettling and my breathing rapidly quickened. Although nothing bad had happened, it felt as if it would. Only if I knew I was right.

I pondered if I had the wrong address. I reached into my pocket grabbing my phone, checking my messages from my friend making sure I got the address correct. No data. I couldn’t open any messages, meaning I couldn’t message anyone either. It’s okay, I thought to myself. I walked through the gates. Little did I know, that would be the dumbest decision of my life.

I saw lamps around the pool flickering. The rain started to dance around me, landing on my head already making my cold body even colder. Weird, I thought, Why is it this cold in June? I checked my phone again to see if I had picked up Data. Nothing. I quickly shoved my phone back in my pocket and started walking around. Surely someone has to be here…why would I be sent to a random address? A shrill cry echoed in the mist. I briskly wrapped my head around to catch my eyes on a dark forest. It was still raining, and the wind against the leaves on the trees was making the sound of tides crashing upon a shoreline. My hair stood on end as my chest got tighter feeling dread in the air. The rain was picking up and I could barely see in front of me. Then I saw eyes glaring at me through the forest. Yellow, football-shaped eyes, captivating me in a bewitching trance. It felt as if time had stopped and the world around me enclosed, as I was staring at a senile figure caught up in the depths of the inky, and now pitch-black forest.

I think the figure noticed I was looking as I heard it disappear into the abyss of trees. Snapping out of the trance, I pulled myself to my senses. What was that? A dear? A person? A bear? Thoughts overflowed my brain as I was thinking about what just happened. Surely it was just an animal of some sort. I was still behind the gates by the pool. What am I doing here, alone in the dark rain expecting people to come? Before I could think, I felt a piercing hand hooking onto my leg.

Horror stuck into my veins making me panic-stricken. It felt as if my leg was suffocating, and I could feel it going purple. I was being dragged across the concrete outside of the pool. Attempting to look behind me, I was appalled when I couldn’t see correctly. How could I not see? Interrupting my thoughts, I heard the same ear-piercing cry through the air. Although this time it sounded much more cursed-and almost, maniacal. I was trying to release the grip of whatever was latched onto my leg, but I could not see. I thrusted with all my force, still strained by the stranglehold on my leg. My thoughts escaped my brain, feeling hopeless and demoralized. What can I do? What is happening? Why can’t I see? All thoughts that entered my intellect and swiftly dispersed. I was left helpless.

Before I knew it, I was dragged into the pool. The icy water felt cold to the touch against my skin. Still unable to see, I was taken aback when I was submerged in the water. If whatever was tugging me into the water would not let go, I surely was going to die. But to my surprise, I was released. What? I was released. Did whatever was yanking on my leg just a minute ago…give up? Surely it was too good to be true. If only I could see.

I had to get out of the water and fast. My leg ached from the bruising that occurred as an aftermath of the sharp grip that was just upon it seconds ago. I was still under the water, so I sprung myself above the water. I could breathe. I’m alive. Then I felt it. Not a tugging, not an aching sensation, not a shortness of breath, but instead a blazing sensation that was placed against my skin.

It felt as if I was trapped inside a room made of dry sticks, torches lighting the walls around me. As if I were in an oven, with no way out like I was, food ready to be cooked and ingested. The air started to hurt to breathe as I plummeted back into the water. It felt toxic-poisonous even-And I didn’t know what to do to stop it. I felt my heart rate quicken. The same inflaming feeling all around me even though I was deep underwater. It was a kind of pain that doesn’t bleed red, almost like a shadow screaming internally waiting to be let go. I wish I had some groundbreaking realization-A way to solve this, thinking about my loved ones, finding a deeper meaning. But instead, the last sounds I was greeted by was that heart-wrenching, shrill cry I heard moments earlier while looking through the forest at those yellow, alluring, shrewd, eyes.

Sure P (8th grade)
JEI student since 2016

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