10 More Must-Have Skills Your Child Needs to Succeed

These days, there is an increasing awareness that students need more than topnotch math and comprehension skills to make it in the real world. To succeed as an independent adult, active member of society, and influential career person, they need to be well-rounded with soft, practical, and social skills.

We previously shared with you a list of ten must-have skills your child needs to succeed in life. Here is another set of ten skills we know will further elevate your child’s life and future to their fullest potential!

1. Being a Good Listener
Nowadays, people are expected to not only speak well but also listen well. This skill will benefit your child when it comes to all of their relationships, from personal to professional, and their experience in the workplace, where instructions, collaborations, presentations, and meetings are the norm.  Read More

2. Managing Money
Personal finance is very important. Unfortunately, others learn about it too late in the game, perhaps even when their finances are already a mess and they’re trying to climb out of debt. Just like literacy is important in education, financial literacy is important in life. Read More

3. Perspective Taking
Another socializing skill, perspective taking enables your child to grow their understanding of others and their situations. This will increase their empathy and their ability to connect with people for stronger relationships and greater wisdom. Read More

4. Critical Thinking
A widely emphasized skill these days in all areas of life, from academics to careers, critical thinking is deemed indispensable. This ability to think logically will help your child solve complex problems, brainstorm creative ideas, and navigate new situations with more ease. Read More

5. Teaching Others
Teaching others may seem the opposite of learning for themselves, but actually, the former helps with the latter! The end goal for your child is the same: studying and testing their knowledge on a given subject. The better they are able to pass that knowledge onto others, the more they can rest assured they’ve become experts. Read More

6. Gardening
With all the technological distractions lately, it’s becoming less likely that children will go out and get their hands dirty. However, gardening is both a therapeutic and educational way to improve their potential in all areas of their lives. Read More

7. Taking Care of Others
Often, adults are the ones taking care of children, but children can slowly start to take on the responsibility of taking care of others, as well. There are many benefits to this, such as leadership skills and empathy, which is why your child should start today. Read More

8. Giving Advice
There are not only benefits to receiving advice but also giving it! Research has shown that there is power in giving advice to others, very much like teaching others to test your own knowledge and gain confidence. You can learn about all the advantages for your child. Read More

9. Taking Breaks
Working hard is greatly emphasized, but part of working hard is taking breaks, otherwise your child can experience burnout and depression. Taking effective breaks is the best way for them to complete everything they need to while staying relaxed and energized. Read More

10. Drawing
Artistic outlets like drawing are both therapeutic and educational. They can help your child with everything from expressing themselves to understanding shapes and spatial distances. Encourage your child to add drawing to their skill set today to experience the full range of benefits. Read More

Learning and improving never ends, that’s why we’re here to help your child make room in their life for curiosity, joy, and self-improvement. With these ten must-have skills, and those to come in future blog posts, your child will continue to become an enthusiastic lifelong learner and responsible young adult. We are excited to see your child thrive in every challenge they tackle!  

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