2022 Math Olympiad: Carnival Fun Challenge

Step right up! The 2022 Math Olympiad: Carnival Fun Challenge has arrived, ready for your child to join in on the spectacle and excitement! The 2022 Math Olympiad is a brand new math and critical thinking challenge with a focus on carnival fun. You might not be able to bring your children to the carnival, but JEI Learning Center is bringing the carnival to them!

The last few years have been full of challenges for our children. JEI Learning Center has been with your child every step of the way, and we know the struggles they have faced. Now, we want to bring back the fun that may have been missing in their lives and alleviate some of the burden. As life slowly gets back to normal, we hope this year’s Math Olympiad will be a beacon of the merriment just around the corner. Join us for all the thrills and extravaganza of the carnival and explore just how fun math can be!

JEI Learning Center ensures your child succeeds at their own pace, and we know learning should be enjoyable. Our annual Math Olympiad is an opportunity to test their abilities and implement all the skills they have been learning. With JEI’s 2022 Math Olympiad: Carnival Fun Challenge, we want to encourage and challenge students to take math to the next level. All participants will choose one of the given carnival-related challenges and make their case. Allow your child to use their imagination, creativity, and math skills by competing in this year’s challenge. 

Some ways this may benefit your child are by…

Spotlighting your child’s imagination and critical thinking skills

This is a great opportunity for strong and weak test takers alike to think outside the box and challenge their capabilities. Every student, regardless of age, will be able to tackle these problems, using level-appropriate math skills. This type of math project is the perfect blend of technical skills, like calculating probability, and soft skills, like creative thinking and time management. Both are important for ensuring a successful future, but the traditional education system, with its focus on tests, generally foregoes the latter.

Exposing your child’s weaknesses and strengths

While it is critical to know in what areas in math and education your child still needs to improve, it is also important to discover where their strengths lie. For example, parents may believe that their child is not a strong student based on test scores, but this competition may highlight that their child’s strengths are simply not evident through test-taking. Your child will have an opportunity to shine through this different format, as this year’s Math Olympiad gives students the space and creative freedom to really show off their skills, at their own pace. A thorough rubric will analyze and inform parents and students on what was done well.

Rewarding the best of the best with cash prizes and national recognition

Just like at a carnival, the Math Olympiad winners will receive cash prizes! However, unlike most carnival games, hard work and critical thinking, rather than chance, will be rewarded. While there are three challenges, there will be four divisions divided by grades:

  • Division I – 2nd to 3rd grade
  • Division II – 4th to 5th grade
  • Division III – 6th to 7th grade
  • Division IV – 8th to 9th grade

For each division, third place will receive $100, second $150, and first $250. On top of that, they will be recognized nationally, and their project may be featured throughout JEI!


Ready to register for this unique and rewarding opportunity for your child?

Here are the important dates to keep in mind:

  • Registration opens on March 14. Once you register, you will receive the prompts for the three challenges from the center where you registered your child.
  • Participants will have until April 30 to submit their final projects.
  • Winners will be announced on June 10.

All you need to do is find a center near you to register your child in this new type of math competition. It’s $20 to enter for active JEI students and $30 for non-JEI students.

We are excited to see what your child comes up with and hope they enjoy the experience. Best of luck!