3 Fun Math Games That Your Kid Will Love

Math may seem especially daunting for the younger children who can’t easily understand some concepts and topics yet. However, their mindsets can be shifted so they come to love math. Introducing math games to children will encourage them to enjoy the experience of learning math. This can help them associate the subject with fun and games instead of something daunting or insurmountable. Read on to find out more about some games that you can introduce to your child to instill that love for math in them!

Multiplication War

Multiplication War is a card game. Start by dealing each player an equal number of cards. The King Queen, Joker, and Jack cards have a value of 10 each while the aces have a value of 11. When it reaches a player’s turn, they turn two cards up and use both numbers they see as a multiplication problem. They will then need to provide the answer. For instance, if a child draws 3 and 7, then they will need to say “3 x 7 equals 21.” If the other player draws a smaller multiplication problem, such as 2 and 5, they will need to say “2 x 5 equals 10.” The player that drew the bigger value will get to keep the cards. The ultimate winner of the game will be the player that has the most cards.

Fraction Wars

Fraction Wars is a great game to get children familiar with the concept of fractions. First, use a pencil  to act as a divider in between two cards. Deal two cards to each player with one of the cards as  the denominator and the other card as the numerator. The person who has the larger fraction gets to take all four of the cards. To win the game, players need to try their best to get the most cards.

101 and Out

This game will require one die and a paper or pen to keep the score. Each player will take turns rolling the die and can assign the number rolled as tens or ones. For instance, if a player rolls a 4, they can choose to use 40 or 4. The aim of this game is to score as close to 101 as possible without going over the number. When a player’s number goes over 101, they are disqualified from the game. This game can have multiple players, and their aim is to be the first one in the game to hit 101. 

JEI Learning Center Can Help Children with Math

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