How To Engage In Online Learning With JEI Self Learning Programs

Are you looking to enhance your child’s online learning with a comprehensive program? Do you believe that teaching should be individualized to your child’s skills and abilities? If so, JEI’s self learning programs are the perfect solution for you. We offer programs in a range of subjects for students from Pre-K to 9th grade. 

JEI Curriculum

At JEI Learning Center, we offer the following self learning programs:

  • Math: Covers all major domains, such as operations, geometry, data analysis, and measurement, for grades Pre-K to 9.
  • English: Covers all major domains, such as readiness, grammar, communication, phonics, and information, for grades Pre-K to 9.
  • Reading & Writing: A literature-based enrichment program for grades 2 to 7, featuring fiction, nonfiction and other genres to strengthen reading comprehension and writing skills.
  • Problem Solving Math: An advanced math program for students who are already ahead in math, with complex problems similar to those found in the American Math Competition, National Math Olympiad and more. Reasoning, inference and problem solving strategies are essential skills that will be developed. 
  • Brain Safari: An enrichment program for young children that strengthens logical and analytical skills across 9 different domains. The goal is to enhance overall cognitive ability as well as creative and critical thinking skills by providing real-life social and scientific information.

Our curriculum is aligned with state standards, and self learning behavior is encouraged through the programmed workbooks and diagnostic tests. 

How the Self Learning System Works

Are you keen on engaging in supplementary online learning with your child? If so, the JEI self learning system can be implemented right at home. Below is how the process will go:

  • Diagnostic test: A diagnostic test will be administered to pinpoint your child’s areas of mastery and weakness in math and English.
  • Computerized evaluation: The results of the diagnostic test will be shared in an Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR) and the most suitable programs recommended.
  • Programmed workbooks: These workbooks highlight clear objectives and the small steps needed to achieve them for fun and effective learning.
  • Interim test: After the completion of each workbook, an interim test will be conducted to ensure that your child has acquired the level of understanding and mastery required of the new skill or concept.
  • Self learning: Small, easy-to-follow steps allow your child to direct their own learning.
  • Consult & manage: Regular consultations allow parents to keep up to date on their child’s progress as well as cater the pace of learning to the child’s progress.
  • Achievement test: Ensure that each new skill or concept has been mastered before moving on to the next level. 

When you enroll your child in JEI self learning programs, you can target their specific areas of weakness in a range of subjects. Through engaged learning and creative thinking, your child will be able to improve their skills and understanding of learned concepts in a fun and effective manner. For more information about the JEI self learning system and how it can help students learn online, contact our expert representatives today at 877-JEI-MATH!