How To Power Successful Digital Learning During COVID Times

As a parent, it may be a confusing time as you witness how the pandemic has affected learning in schools. Online learning has become the norm and is being adopted by many educators across the nation. Parents may be concerned about how they can ensure the highest level of engagement for their children, making sure that they learn effectively through online learning platforms to clear their levels. Read on to find out more about how parents can power successful digital learning during the pandemic.

Internet Connectivity

Nowadays, instructors are using multimedia, such as live-stream videos, recorded videos and other educational resources from different places, in order to deliver their lessons. The first step to good learning is ensuring there is sufficient and fast internet connectivity in your home. This way, your child’s learning will not be affected by issues like lagging. Choose a reliable Internet Service Provider so that your child can enjoy a smooth online learning experience. For best results, consider directly connecting your child’s laptop or computer to the modem with an ethernet cable. This technique typically offers a more reliable connection than using a wireless signal.


Today, it is becoming increasingly common for students to meet their instructors online via Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Parents are recommended to review the technical details and help their children feel more confident with new equipment and procedures. For example, you should guide your child on how to answer a video call, initiate a meeting, pause the video, mute the sound, or send a message in the chat window. After your child understands the basics of using a certain software, try doing a practice run by pretending you are the teacher so that they become familiar with their online class environment. It’s a good practice to remind your child how they should conduct themselves on camera. For example, they should turn off the camera if they need to step away, mute themselves when other people are speaking, face the screen, and more.

Active Parent-Instructor Communication

It is important that parents stay in touch with their children’s instructors and/or other parents to facilitate online learning. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you are unsure of how to use a new software or encounter issues while sending your child’s homework deliverables. In addition to the technical aspects of online learning, regular parent-instructor communication allows parents to hear how their child is performing academically, identify areas where the child requires a little extra support, and determine ways to help the child achieve their full potential without feeling someone is constantly monitoring them.

JEI Learning Center Can Help With Your Children’s Digital Learning Needs

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