JEI for all learners

The JEI Self-Learning Method is specially designed to help all types of learners with different needs. Our specialty is providing a safe classroom environment for all, where students can learn at their own pace with individualized curricula specifically designed for each child. At JEI Learning Center, we believe a better life is achieved through a better education, which is why it is important to us that the needs of every child are met. Through our extensive individualized programs, we ensure that our:

Instructors Meet Children at Their Level

Each class at JEI has at most five students to one instructor, ensuring a setting in which children can feel comfortable asking for help. Unlike the larger classrooms at school, this smaller setup allows each child to feel less shy about speaking up and asking questions; additionally, instructors can personalize the instruction to match the child’s learning style. This way, students will feel more confident, get the personal attention they need, and be met at their level.

Instructors Provide Safe Environments

The mission of JEI is to create healthy studying habits for each individual. In order to work toward this goal, all instructors make sure to create a distraction-free and safe environment for heightened focus. Every child should feel safe within the walls of the classroom without feeling overwhelmed by loud noises. This enables them to focus on the work at hand, which in turn promotes self-confidence and self-discipline.

Students Follow a Clear Routine

Routines allow children to feel safe and secure, so any sudden changes could result in panic and adversity to learning. To prevent this, each classroom follows a routine involving clear instructions and schedules. Children will know what to expect coming in, can practice until they are comfortable, and will be told of any changes ahead of time. Clear routines will also promote self-discipline and good studying patterns.

Students Learn at Individualized Paces

As a part of the enrollment process, JEI assesses students in order to gauge where they stand in the program. Afterward, an individualized learning program is specifically designed and implemented for them. This way, children will feel neither rushed nor bored; rather, each child will feel stimulated at a pace that is comfortable yet challenging for her/him. Even if a class is full with a maximum of five students, each one will work at her/his own pace.

Centers Promote Visual Learning

Each carefully composed workbook has engaging illustrations to help children understand new concepts. These visual examples help children grasp new information easily, no matter the difficulty level. Whether a child is struggling or rushing ahead, the visual aids are there for reference. This also enables them to draw from inference and strengthen their observation skills rather than simply being told facts and what is right and wrong.

Instructors Show Positive Reinforcement

JEI is aware that children can be easily discouraged by any sign of negativity, some more so than others. That is why instructors show support and positive reinforcement to show children that making mistakes is okay as long as they learn from them. We want to build their self-confidence and self-motivation, which will, in turn, further accelerate their learning. After all, a discouraged child is not eager to learn, and that may be the biggest obstacle.

At JEI, it is important that each student feels safe and that each parent feels assured of this, which is why we always open our doors to all types of students with different learning needs. We promote an open-minded, flexible institution that shares the common goal of all parents and students to strive for understanding and growth.  

If interested in enrolling at your local JEI Learning Center, find your local Center today.