Top Learning Tips To Improve Your Child’s Grammar

Grammar is something that not enough people take pride in. If you value good grammar and practice it at all times, you know the discomfort of listening to a friend or family member who uses poor grammar and even takes pride in it. That’s not what you want for your child. There’s no time like the present to make sure your child uses proper grammar.

But how does one go about improving a child’s grammar? Here, we are going to take a look at some tips to improve grammar for kids. Later, we’ll introduce you to the best place to go for your child’s education regarding math, reading and writing, English, and more.

Sentence Structure

Explaining sentence structure can be difficult because it can vary. At home, devise a fill-in-the-blank game to help your kids with sentence structure. Here is an example:

Lobsters _________ in water. (play, sleep, run, live)

You can also demonstrate how rearranging a sentence changes its meaning. For example, saying “the woman had to make pasta with a cold” is subtly different from “the woman with a cold had to make pasta.”

The Spoken Word

In addition to reading bad grammar online, we hear bad grammar every day. When your child misuses words, gently correct them. 

If your child says, “You been to the store,” you can tell them, “Not quite. Try something along the lines of ‘You have been to the store’ or ‘You went to the store.’”


Don’t forget about punctuation! Punctuation is integral to creating meaning and coherence in every known language, so do make sure that your child knows the proper way to use it.

  • Exclamation – To emphasize a point, this can be used.
  • Commas – To separate clauses or lists, this should be used.
  • Period or full stop – At the end of a sentence, this must always be used unless you use an exclamation or question mark.

To help your child understand how grammar is used and sentences are formed, encourage them to read newspapers, storybooks, and more.

Tenses – Tell Them What’s Right

It’s easy to make mistakes here, especially for children.  Encourage your child to experiment with syntax; ask your child to rewrite sentences using different tenses. For example:

  • Past – We enjoyed the park last evening.
  • Past – We went to the park this morning.
  • Future – We will go to the park tomorrow. 
  • Present – We are in the park right now.

You can also give them these examples:

  • Tied – tying – tie
  • Closed – closing – close
  • Watched – watching – watch
  • Walked – walking – walk

Could Your Child Use Some Help With Grammar?

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