Why Do Parents Like The JEI Self-Learning Method®?

Good parents want what’s best for their child. There can be little argument on that point. But what is the best way for a child to achieve their full potential? With all of the private schools, public schools, online courses, private tutors, and various teaching methods in existence today, how does a parent know where to turn for the best method of education for their child?

Generally speaking, most any teaching/educational technique will help a child learn something. But through the JEI Self-Learning Method®, any child will do so much more than simply learn. With our individualized, unique study program, any child can reach their full potential. That potential is not only infinite and individualized, but the basis for our beliefs and philosophy.

When the right educational environment is combined with a person’s natural abilities and potential, that individual’s creativity can be unlocked, fully realized, and successfully utilized.

The JEI Self-Learning Method®

Our individualized and self-paced learning programs are designed to help students maximize their potential, improve academic achievement, and build confidence. This learning method also helps children better understand their strengths and weaknesses and acquire the necessary skills to overcome their own difficulties.

Parents Appreciate JEI Learning Center®’s Advantages

When it comes to the JEI Self-Learning Method®, parents appreciate it and its benefits for many reasons. However, three of the biggest advantages to this method of self-learning are:

  • Step-by-step, individually paced learning – Making learning easy for everyone, we use a step-by-step approach in our program, which is self-paced. Only when the student has shown a proficiency in one level of their prescribed study program will the student advance to the next.
  • AA comprehensive curriculum – Our curriculum is aligned with State Standards and focuses on a conceptual understanding of the following: Critical thinking, problem-solving math, reading and writing, English, and math.
  • Our scientific diagnostic system – Our proprietary Diagnostic System pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of students and can generate two-page analysis reports. These reports explain how the prescriptive study program is proposed for each individual student.

Accelerated Progress From a Comfortable Starting Point

It is essential that a comfortable starting point be established for a student before they can begin learning. The first few weeks focus on building basic skills, establishing foundation and helping students build confidence early one. This is particularly helpful for students who may have fallen behind in their learning or in their work. Once the gaps have been filled in, accelerated progress will be evident and, more likely than not, students will move ahead of their generally accepted school level. For long-term success, a strong foundation is essential. Before accelerated progress can be realized by a student, they need to master the skills and concepts specific to their needs.

Our Parent Guide

Parents are, of course, a big part of our learning program. But we don’t leave them in the dark to fend for themselves. To explain our programs, philosophy, and our mission, we provide a detailed informational parent guide. This guide also explains our scientifically proven diagnostic system and its benefits. Click here to begin downloading this helpful parental learning assistant.

To find out more about the JEI Self-Learning Method® and how you can benefit from it, contact us today and speak with one of our expert representatives. To find the JEI Learning Center near you, click here.