Why is JEI A Good Fit For Learning?

Finding a learning center that is effective and makes the best use of a child’s time is one of the top concerns of parents. If you are looking for a learning center which really caters to the learning needs of your child, look no further than JEI Learning Center. We offer educational programs that target children’s weaknesses to expand their knowledge. Read on to find out more!

About JEI Franchise

Back in 1992, JEI Learning Center was first established to assist children who found it difficult to grasp the concepts of math and English. The founder came up with a different approach to learning, which is now widely used in our franchises today. This is the JEI Self-Learning Method®, which focuses on each student’s own learning pace. At JEI Learning Center, children will be able to learn at a speed that is suitable for them, under the guidance of professionals. The aim was to transform learning into something fun and enjoyable instead of something that was stressful for children.

Why Choose JEI?

With the JEI Self-Learning Method®, children will not only learn about different things effectively but also start to have more confidence in themselves with the program that is customized for their pace. This allows them to completely change their attitude towards learning by allowing them to enjoy the process.

With this comfortable starting point, students will start to believe in themselves and the speed of learning will accelerate once their gaps in knowledge have been filled, allowing them to gain mastery of different skills and knowledge. 

JEI’s Scientific Diagnostic System

JEI uses a scientific diagnostic system which will help to point out the strengths and weaknesses of a student in their learning journey. Each student will be given a report and a prescribed study program that is the most suitable for them. 

Our curriculum is highly focused on getting students to grasp the concepts behind different subjects like math, reading, English, critical thinking and more. Once students join our center, they will begin learning at their own pace under the guidance of professionals and will only move on to subsequent levels once they have proven that they are proficient in their existing levels.

Unique JEI Workbooks

JEI not only works on an accurate diagnostic system but also has a range of comprehensive workbooks to help students grow their knowledge. New skills and concepts are introduced in the workbook every week, and once a workbook is completed, students will sit through an interim test to test the mastery and level of understanding.

If you are a parent thinking about sending your child to a learning center but are unsure where to start, contact JEI Learning Center today. Here at JEI Learning Center, we prioritize the learning of our students and do our best to help them enjoy the process of learning.