Bring the quality of our programs home with JEI Remote Learning

We understand your child’s education is a top priority. During these uncertain times, you can be sure at least one thing won’t change– our dedication to education. Your child may no longer be able to attend class, but they won’t have to stop learning.  

In response to the Coronavirus and the resulting restrictions, we have developed JEI Remote Learning. This temporary service offers two options that allow students to continue our programs from home during this time. Our intent is to help students continue creating good study habits using their knowledge of the JEI Self Learning Method® and the JEI workbooks. Depending on the center, the following options could be available for your child:

JEI Virtual Classroom recreates the familiar class environment for your child using an online platform. That way, students can continue their personalized learning plan with a JEI Instructor in a virtual version of their class while social distancing recommendations are in effect. The platform includes features, such as a “raise your hand” button and video conferencing so instructors and students can see each other and communicate. It’ll be as if JEI Learning Center is in your living room!  

JEI Independent Home Study 
allows you to supervise your child’s study schedule and personalized learning plan. With your help and our workbooks’ spiral structure, which only advances your child to new concepts when they are ready, we are confident your child will succeed independently! Rest assured the center’s director and instructors will always be available for questions and assistance while you oversee your child’s work.  

JEI Remote Learning is the perfect opportunity for parents and children to work more closely together than ever before for A Better Life Through Better Education! Take this chance to see how much of the JEI Self-Learning MethodⓇ your child has already absorbed while they learn from home. Is your child able to focus easily while learning from home? Do they complete homework in a reasonable amount of time? Challenge your child to be responsible for their own education at home, as they foster their own structure and discipline away from school.  

Learn more about your options at your local center.