Challenges help student head toward a bright future after a decade with JEI

Meet Sahana Noru, a student of JEI’s Math program since 2008 when she was only a kindergartener! Now in high school, she is graduating out of the program, but she leaves with a bright future ahead thanks to all that she has learned over the last 11 years. Sahana and her parents recently answered a few questions for JEI Learning Center as we say farewell to her as a student but look forward to her continuing growth and contributions.

Reminiscing on when Sahana first began, Mr. and Mrs. Noru revealed that they had visited a number of Math programs before deciding on JEI and enrolling Sahana in the South San Jose location. They said they were ultimately won over by the personal teacher-to-student environment, the series of workbooks, and the inviting and genuine interest of Director Ms. Hanh. Sahana said, “Thanks to Ms. Hanh for having supported my JEI journey. She was always there to help, guide, and coach.”

Sahana admitted that there had been many challenges throughout her journey with JEI. She told us, “Towards the end of JEI Math, the math became tougher, and I had to put a lot more time and effort to focus. As I progressed, I also got into a rhythm of completing things on time with fewer and fewer mistakes,” a key aspect of the JEI Self-Learning MethodⓇ.

She was also involved in dancing, speech, and debate at the time, saying, “Balancing all of these activities was a tough task, but I was motivated to complete the math program at JEI.” And it all paid off! It was these very challenges that made the overall experience worth it. When asked what specifically was the most rewarding part of attending JEI, Sahana said, “Learning and mastering new concepts in math. The feeling of accomplishment after having completed the course.”  

Her parents added, “She has become a well-rounded student and has developed strong fundamental knowledge in math concepts. She is doing well in school and entered into the advanced track in math.” Unfortunately, the program does not extend throughout high school, but if it did, Sahana said, “I would continue JEI Math because I think it helped me get ahead of what we were doing in school and also helped me understand concepts better.”

We would love to keep helping her, but luckily, it seems we have set her on the right path with our unique Self-Learning MethodⓇ! She is keen on always improving and has a bright future ahead of her. Mr. and Mrs. Noru told JEI, “Currently, her interests are in pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Business. She feels her strength is in math and she wants to build on it during undergrad.”

After strengthening and growing in math, Sahana is now ready to get through high school and take college by storm! We love that she has envisioned a bright future through our program and are excited to see all the things she will accomplish. Thank you, Sahana, for being the paradigm of a Self-Learning student and good luck in the years to come!

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