What Is the JEI Self Learning MethodⓇ?

We get a lot of questions about our Self-Learning Method. Most of them are skeptical and sound something like, “Why should I enroll my child in your program if they’re just going to be learning by themselves?” However, this is an inaccurate understanding of what JEI offers. We want your children to learn but, more than that, we want them to learn how to learn.  

Self-learning does not mean watching your child as they complete endless drills. At JEI, we teach our students how to be independent learners–a skillset that will last them a lifetime.

This sets us apart from other learning centers or private tutors in that they become crutches for children, who often start to rely on being told what to know or how to do things. The drills and constant problem solving also allow children to find answers through muscle memory rather than deep conceptual understanding. JEI is there to guide them so they do not need to rely on anyone but themselves. Our structure enables children to grow independent and, consequently, more confident, so they look less toward others for help and all the answers.

Our Self-Learning Method further raises the bar by training our students to build strong study habits. Ask yourself this: Does your child have basic study skills like managing a schedule, creating an environment for heightened focus, and setting study goals? Study skills are often assumed to come naturally, but they are skills that must be learned. Many children often find themselves overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Like most things, it’s far easier for children to learn this from guidance rather than by only experimenting on their own. It is also unhelpful to manage the schedule, create the environment, and set the goals for them.

Students at our centers are given weekly homework with a recommended number of minutes to devote to study each night. This trains them to set aside regular study time not only for JEI work but also for their school work. This will save them the headache of frantically trying to complete work they put off to the last minute and will teach them responsibility.

It is important to adopt our Self-Learning Method before unhealthy habits are set in stone. This is why we recommend our programs to children from kindergarten to ninth grade; these are very important years in learning and development. Once children form the right habits and foundation in this period, they will be set for the rest of their lives. They will perform at their best throughout high school, college, and career with confidence in their abilities and an eagerness for growth.  

Remember that JEI does not offer quick fixes but a lifelong enrichment from our belief that a better life is found through better education. To get your child started with our Self-Learning MethodⓇ, find a center near you!