Take advantage of our free educational resources

JEI Learning Center’s first priority is to provide quality education for young children at a pace that works best for them. While a lot of the learning and building of strong study habits take place within the center or via remote learning, JEI also offers lots of free educational resources that would benefit parents and children alike! 

Take a look at what you can get out of JEI Learning Center—even if your child is not yet a student with us.

A Comprehensive Parent Guide

Our free downloadable parent guide is full of information for all parents passionate about providing their child with the best education. This guide not only goes into detail about every Common Core-aligned program we provide but also discusses educational topics like why kids may fall behind and how they can achieve long-term success. This guide explains how parents can help their child and what benefits the whole family can experience as part of JEI.

Expert Blog Posts

We prove our expertise in all things education through a blog that is constantly updated with posts about the latest trends and research. For example, we know that it’s important for parents to learn about lifelong learning and benefits of the growth mindset for their child. We also have fun series, including our Must-Have Skills for Children, Grit & Growth role models, and reading lists for children of all ages! To stay updated on new blog posts, you can sign up for our free newsletter, which also gets you…

A Monthly Activity Pack

Does your child love activities? Our monthly downloadable varies month by month, but generally includes everything from fun outdoor activities during the summer to complex math puzzles and creative writing prompts. Everything included in this monthly activity pack is carefully curated so your child can learn while having fun! We are a strong believer that fostering a love for learning will benefit your child more than drilling them with practice problems. Sign up for this monthly downloadable to see for yourself!

Savvy Socials

If your child is fond of social media, sneak in a healthy dose of learning by following our social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Every Monday, we post a Math Monday problem. We encourage your child to try solving the problem through mental math, but they can always pull out a pencil and paper to tackle the tougher questions! Every Thursday, we have our Thinking Thursday brain teasers. We post everything from riddles to rebus puzzles. These posts give a taste of what our Brain Safari critical thinking program offers our students. This is also another excellent way for parents to stay up to date on our blog posts.


As a JEI student, your child will be able to enjoy more benefits beyond our free educational resources. We not only have a variety of State Standard-aligned programs from Math to Reading & Writing but also host annual contests like the Math Olympiad and Essay Contest. These are great opportunities that go beyond awards and cash prizes—they offer your child a chance to challenge themselves and grow more confident about their abilities. 

Now that you are aware of the full extent of our passion for children’s education and enjoyment of learning, contact an expert at 877-JEI-MATH for more information about our professional services. You can also visit a center near you to experience firsthand the conducive study environment and professionalism we maintain at each of our centers.