How Can JEI Individualized Learning Help My Child

Today, there is a unique and innovative education system in which students can progress and excel independently. Allow us to introduce you to the JEI Individualized Learning Method.

Would you like your child to develop confidence? JEI’s internationally acclaimed JEI Self-Learning Method® can be of assistance through a step-by-step, individually paced learning program. The personalized approach integrates your child smoothly into the program. Your child will feel motivated and begin to enjoy learning independently. As your child gains confidence, the program will accelerate, propelling them towards excellence. 

To get started, go to the JEI Learning Center and take our proprietary Diagnostic Test. A detailed Individual Progress Prescription Report will be generated upon taking the diagnostics test. This report provides a comprehensive picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your child. A personalized study program will then be prescribed specially for your child.

Accelerated Progress With a Comfortable Starting Point

In order for your child to begin effectively learning, what is one of the most crucial focal points? Answer: A starting point that is comfortable for them. For the first few weeks, the prescribed learning program is remedial. In fact, it may feel incredibly simple to your child. That’s okay because this helps to build confidence in every student. That is particularly the case with kids who might not be at the same level as the rest of their class where schoolwork is concerned. Once they fill in the gaps, their progress will accelerate and, eventually, they can move ahead of their school level. For long-term success, a strong foundation is absolutely essential. Before your child’s progress can accelerate, they must master the skills and concepts specific to their unique needs.

JEI Individualized Learning Method – The Benefits

The JEI Individualized Learning Method has many advantages, but here are a few basic benefits:

  • Step-by-step learning that is individually paced: With a step-by-step approach, the program is self-paced. For everyone concerned, that makes learning easier. Students only progress when they have demonstrated proficiency in each objective of the prescribed study program.
  • A curriculum that is comprehensive: Our curriculum—which is well aligned with state standards—focuses on conceptual understanding of critical thinking, problem-solving math, reading and writing, English, and math.
  • A system that uses scientific diagnostics: A student’s strengths and weaknesses will be pinpointed by JEI’s proprietary diagnostic system. A two-page analysis report will be received by each student. This will explain how the prospective study program is prescribed for each student.

Check out Our Free Parent Guide

For detailed information about our programs, philosophy, and our mission, check out our JEI Parent Guide. It will also explain our scientifically proven diagnostic system and its benefits.

What’s more, you’ll be able to learn how you can contribute to the success of your child with this informational brochure. Assist your child towards a better life through better education!

Our Philosophy

When the right educational environment is combined with natural abilities and infinite potential, an individual’s creativity can truly be unlocked. Our individualized Self Learning System driven by our engaging JEI instructors and your encouragement, will be a rewarding learning journey for your child.

If you have questions regarding JEI Learning Center, please don’t hesitate to contact us.