Top Learning Tips To Improve Your Kid’s Vocabulary

An extensive vocabulary grants you the power of effective communication. It is the linguistic foundation for comprehension and expression of our thoughts. The wider your vocabulary, the easier it would be for you to connect new words with those you already know. This is especially important for children. Being able to communicate with ease facilitates social interactions, which is important for their social-emotional development. In addition, children equipped with rich vocabulary excel academically. There are a number of at-home ways to boost your child’s vocabulary. You can help your child through fun games and activities using new words. 

Would you like to help improve your child’s vocabulary? We have some suggestions.

Delineate the Word

For every new word introduced, provide a detailed description your child can identify with. This provides a better understanding of the new word and how your child can use it. 

Use It Your Way

After your detailed description, request your child to use the new word in their own way. By utilizing the new word, it encourages your child to express themselves creatively. This is also a good opportunity to enforce your child’s understanding of the new word.

Act Out the Word

Your child will understand a word better by acting it out. Children tend to be impatient and lose their focus when they have to stay still for a period of time. Keeping them active and involved could be particularly helpful. Consider, in fact, having some fun with this exercise outside when the weather is nice.

Draw the Word

Have paper and pencils handy when introducing new words. Draw a quick sketch, without using any actual words, of what the new word is and what it means.

Analyze the Word

Teach your child the meanings of root words, suffixes, and common prefixes. You can help your child with word understanding and meanings by recognizing patterns.

Tell Me a Story

Have your child write a story using their list of new words. They’ll have to use all the words appropriately in order to do this correctly. It will take a considerable amount of imagination to bring the words together into story form. Encourage your child to have fun and be creative.

Wrap Up

Here are the main takeaway points:

  • Encourage your child, when prompted, to explain new words and tell you all about them.
  • Over and over, practice the words and use them around the house as much as possible.
  • Writing stories, acting out words, and drawing will boost the ability of your child to not only understand new words but also retain them.

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