How Individualized Learning Can Help Your Child

If you are looking for ways to help and support your child on their learning journey, individualized learning is the way to go because it caters teaching methods and materials to each child’s levels and abilities. This comes with numerous benefits, whether your child needs a little more help, is right on par with their classmates or is ready for more advanced material. Read on to find out how individualized learning can help your child.

Provides the Attention Your Child Needs

With a big class size, the teacher may not have the time to devote attention to each student individually, and your child may have trouble catching up. On the other hand, if your child has already mastered the material, they will end up bored, wasting their time in class and possibly even diminishing their love for learning. You can rest assured that with individualized attention for each child, they can learn at their own pace and receive assistance in specific areas as needed.

Builds Confident Learners

Children could be afraid to ask questions in class for a variety of reasons. They might be scared they will be laughed at by peers, too shy to speak up, or worried about being branded a know-it-all. With individualized learning, your child will be empowered and encouraged to ask questions, share what they know and develop confidence in their skills.

Encourages Independent Learning

When students feel confident about the learning process, they are motivated to take ownership of and accountability for their own learning. This is an important habit that will serve them well throughout their academic careers. That’s why the pace of instruction and learning matters. If everything happens too fast for a child, they may get confused or lost in the process. As a result, they may show a lower rate of academic engagement. It is important that the instructional content matches the child’s skill levels and is presented at a proper pace to hold their attention.

Caters to Unique Learning Styles

As we all know by now, everyone is either a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner. When you fall into a category that is not supported in school or by your teacher, learning can be unnecessarily hard. With individualized learning, your child’s unique learning style will be taken into consideration when imparting the material, making learning more enjoyable for them and increasing participation.

JEI Learning Center Offers Individualized Learning Experiences

At JEI Learning Center, all our learning programs are individualized to your child’s unique needs and abilities, and independent learning is encouraged. When your child first enrolls with us, they will take a Diagnostic Test and receive an Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR) before being placed in the most suitable class for them. Their progress is constantly monitored through the administration of Interim Tests after the completion of each programmed workbook. Whether your child requires help with math, English, reading and writing, you can be sure that the pace of learning will be individualized to suit them, allowing them to receive the attention they need, build confidence and take accountability for their own learning.

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