The personal benefits of personalized learning

Most school systems are limited in what they can offer because of the sheer number of students and amount of course material. To help this situation, classes are divided so some students can advance faster while others can receive more help. However, even if the students are at a similar level, each one of them learns in their own way at a unique pace. It is difficult for teachers to help each and every student, inevitably leaving some students behind and boring others who want to learn faster. 

This is where JEI Learning Center can help. We offer our students personalized learning, meaning our programs are customized to your child’s learning pace and needs. Diagnostic and assessment tests ensure your child advances only when they have fully mastered the concept. 

Here’s how personalized learning benefits each student at JEI.

Boosts Engagement

Because classrooms operate at one pace but all individuals operate at different paces, some students may fall behind and have a hard time catching up to the syllabus. In this case, personalized learning helps your child catch up to where they should be, according to State Standards, at a pace that is comfortable to them. On the other hand, some students may learn faster and easily become bored. In this case, personalized learning allows your child to advance to the next level once they’re ready so that they’re always challenged. Either way, personalized learning keeps your child engaged so they are constantly exercising their mind.

Encourages Confidence

If the learning system at school does not work for your child, it’s natural for them to become disheartened and think that they don’t have what it takes to be a good student. However, every child has infinite potential—it’s all a matter of finding what works best for them. Once they realize that they can grasp this mathematical concept or that historical event, they will know that they are smarter than they thought. All that’s required is studying in the way that’s right for them! Afterwards, they can pursue learning with less self-doubt and more confidence.

Fosters a Love for Learning

Once they discover this confidence and begin to reap the rewards of learning, they will want more! They will take charge of their education and apply these new learning habits to every subject because learning will have become an enjoyable experience. Personalized learning helps each child fight preconceived notions that learning is tedious or difficult. It also combats the fixed mindset, which is a limited belief that no amount of studying will improve intelligence. 

Increases Independence

Personalized learning is a big component of self-learning. Because your child will gain a better handle of their own learning by working at a pace and style that suit them, they are encouraged to learn without relying on others. While they should feel comfortable with asking teachers or peers for help, they will be able to study and complete their work without nagging or constant parental supervision.

With so many benefits to personalized learning, your child is missing out by not enrolling at a JEI Learning Center near you! Speak to an expert by contacting the center or calling 877-JEI-MATH to learn more about how our personalized programs can help with your child’s education. Then sit back and watch your child blossom into a confident and accomplished student!