How Should Parents Tackle Homework Management in 2021?

Managing their child’s homework is one of the top concerns of parents. This is because children can slowly lose their motivation and enthusiasm to do homework or may even get distracted and procrastinate, leading to stalled academic progress. While JEI Learning Center guides students on how to take responsibility for their schedule and motivates them to complete tasks on their own, parents can further help them tackle homework outside of the center. Here are several tips for you to manage your child’s homework in 2021.

Give Your Child a Time Frame to Do Homework

Set a time frame (e.g., from 10 am to 2 pm) for your child to complete their homework.  With a time frame in place, your child will have better control over their schedule and avoid burning the midnight oil. You should aim for the time frame to be no later than 5 pm. If you are not home to supervise your child during that time, the supervision should be done by an after-school caregiver. When you reach home, all you have to do is check their work and wrap things up.

Set Up a Designated Workspace for Your Child

Having a special place to do their work can motivate your child to actually do the work. This can, in turn, boost their confidence. Conditioning their minds to recognize that this space is for work will help them concentrate better and focus on completing their homework.

Make a Call List for Your Child for Peer Support

When your child is young, they may have a tendency to forget the assignments teachers give them in school. You can help them by creating a list of a few close friends they can call if they forget what their homework is for the day. It is important that they understand this practice is to help them take responsibility for their own assignments by paying attention in class and staying organized by taking notes.

Build Their Confidence

Sometimes, when kids don’t get the right answers or don’t understand the work they are supposed to do, they may feel negative about themselves. Remove any negative thoughts they are harboring by sitting down with them and understanding where the problem lies. This way, your child will be able to remember the mistakes they made. You should also always encourage your child, telling them to keep it up or that they have done a great job. This gives them the confidence to tackle future problems on their own.

Give Them Guidance

Young children constantly need encouragement and positive feedback. Parents, however, should avoid spoon-feeding them answers and instead guide their child toward the right answers. If your child does something well, point that out and praise accordingly. This will improve the child’s confidence, so they are more inclined to continue improving themselves in the future.

JEI Learning Center Can Help with Your Child’s Educational Needs

Still worried about your child’s ability to complete their homework? JEI Learning Center is committed to helping children excel in school and do their best in life. The center helps your child develop effective skills and techniques for academic success, boosting their confidence and motivation in the process. Find out more about our JEI Programs today!