Why Send Your Children To A Learning Center This Year?

Learning centers for children are very common these days, and they have proven to be beneficial. The main reasons parents choose to enroll their children in learning centers like JEI Learning Center are to help them tackle their homework better, get a good grasp of what is being taught at school and improve their overall grades. This can reduce children’s stress and boost their confidence, especially because they may not have enough time to fully understand the concepts when at school. Here are some of the benefits of sending your child to a learning center this year!

Improved Discipline

Young children nowadays have very short attention spans and may be hard to discipline. They also tend to lose focus during lessons and get distracted by many things happening around them. JEI Learning Center has a small teacher-to-student ratio, with about five students to one teacher. The teachers are better able to focus on each one, allowing them to understand the lesson plans better and improve their attention span. 

Personalized Learning Experience

Due to smaller class sizes, JEI Learning Center’s instructors cater to the different learning styles of children. Learning styles can vary amongst children, and it may be difficult for a teacher in school to cater to every single student in the classroom. This may make it hard for certain students to understand what is being taught. At JEI Learning Center, our professional instructors are able to determine the learning styles that best suit different children and cater lesson plans to them.

Increased Teacher-Student Engagement

In a typical classroom setting, there may be a lack of teacher and student engagement as a teacher may be more focused on delivering their classes within the limited time. Engagement time with students is important as it helps students feel more comfortable approaching teachers if they have any questions about the lesson or if they need clarification. With the small class size in JEI Learning Center, students will learn to be comfortable doing both. As JEI Learning Center offers a focus-conducive environment, our learning centers enable interpersonal communication and foster a sense of camaraderie among students. Children who are ahead could help students who need assistance and avoid being too competitive.

Measured Progress

At JEI Learning Center, the progress of students is tracked so that parents are able to see the significant improvement in children’s academic performance. Students can take evaluations weekly to refresh their memory on recent concepts that they learned. These also act as indicators of the children’s progress. When the children complete the current level, they will also need to take cumulative level tests to ensure that they have mastered the concepts. JEI Learning Center has a dedicated team that is committed to ensuring the academic success of your child and work alongside the above mentioned guidelines. Check out our JEI programs available for your kid today!