How To Impart Critical Thinking Skills On Elementary School Students

Although there are skills your child is expected to master at every grade, critical thinking is one of the most important skills they will need throughout their academic careers and later years. Besides learning facts through rote memorization, the ability to think critically is essential for every elementary school student who is starting to develop their own opinions and how to express them. In this article, we share some tips on how to teach your child critical thinking skills while they are in elementary school.

Encourage Them to Answer Their Own Questions

Your child may be at the age when they are asking “Why?” to everything they observe around them. The next time they do, instead of giving them an answer straight away, ask them, “What do you think?” Guiding children to discover answers to questions by observing the world around them and drawing inferences is a key aspect of critical thinking. When you encourage your child to answer their own questions and listen to others’ ideas, they will also learn that not every question has just one answer.

Summarize Stories and News Articles

After reading a story with your child, ask them to summarize the plot. The ability to pick up major points is an important critical thinking skill which will serve them well all the way through college and even in life. You can also pick out some simple news articles to read with your child, asking them to guess what the article will be about from the headline. After reading it, discuss if the headline is an appropriate one and, if not, challenge your child to come up with an alternative title.

Give Them the Chance to Discuss Things

You may not always agree with your child, and that’s okay. The next time you disagree, give your child a chance to show you their point of view. This does not mean that all your house rules suddenly become negotiable, simply that your child will have to learn how to use ideas and evidence to explain why they believe or do not believe in something. Learning how to present opinions and debating them will also encourage your child to consider things from others’ points of view, particularly when you chime in with your own view of things.

Enroll Your Child in JEI Learning Center to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

Are you looking for an individualized learning program where your child can sharpen their critical thinking skills at their own pace? If so, JEI Learning Center is the best option for you. Every child who first enrolls with us will take a diagnostic test and receive an Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR), on top of taking interim tests after the completion of each programmed workbook. This ensures that learning is always customized to your child’s pace and that they have mastered each skill set competently before moving on. You can choose to focus on your child’s weak areas, whether it is in math, English, or reading and writing, and you can be sure that they will develop the skills and confidence they need to enhance their critical thinking skills. Be sure to check out our Brain Safari program today.