How To Help Your Child Develop Solid Study Habits

The development of good study habits is very important for young children as it helps build a strong academic foundation. It is always a good idea to start young, when children are eager to learn and soak up new information. If you wait till high school, where the coursework is more difficult, it may be harder to inculcate solid study habits by then. We share with you some ways to help your child develop solid study habits in this article.

Start Early

Your child is never too young to start developing good study habits. Even activities that seem like play now can go a long way in building the foundational learning skills they will need in the future. For instance, reading a storybook, solving a puzzle and playing counting games are all educational activities your child can engage in to encourage a love of learning from a young age.

Build A Routine

Children can start receiving homework as young as kindergarten. While it does not need to be overly serious at a young age, encouraging your child to build a homework routine can only benefit them as they progress through school. Always set aside time in the day for completing homework and set up a quiet study corner that is stocked with the supplies they need.


It is natural that homework takes a backseat when your child gets busy. With work, school and extracurricular activities, it can be easy to let the study schedule slide. If you find that your child’s routine no longer works, adjust it to ensure there is enough time set aside for studying. You should contact your child’s teacher if necessary and work out a way together to help your child.

Encourage Independence

Although you are there to support and guide your child in their learning journey, ultimately they should be the ones taking charge of their own learning. Show your child resources they can use if they need some help, including books and school notes. If all else fails, your child should feel comfortable asking for help. While your child knows they can always approach you if they need help, you don’t have all the answers. That’s why enrichment centers such as JEI Learning Center can help by fostering independent learning in children.

Enroll Your Child in JEI Learning Center

Are you looking for an individualized learning program that will encourage your child to learn independently and that is catered towards their unique needs and abilities? If so, JEI Learning Center is what you are looking for. When they first enroll with us, your child will take a Diagnostic Test and receive an Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR). Subsequently, after the completion of each programmed workbook, they will take an Interim Test to assess their mastery of the new skills taught. With programs in math, English, reading and writing, you can be sure that your child will receive the help and support they need to develop solid study habits when they enroll with us.