Important Reading Strategies For Young Students

Have you ever sat down to read a book or block of text, only to realize you have no idea what you just read? Maybe you were distracted or maybe the text was not something you would normally read and filled with jargon you don’t understand. That is a common occurrence for young students who struggle with reading or have poor reading comprehension. It is important to develop good reading comprehension skills from a young age so that students do not struggle with more complex passages as they progress; rather, they are able to draw inferences, make connections, synthesize and more. Here are some important reading strategies for young students.

Ask Constant Questions

During and after the reading process, encourage the student to ask questions like, “Do I understand what the author is saying?” “What do I think will happen next?” and, “What do I already know about the topic?” This will allow students to get a deeper understanding of the text and, if they are unable to answer any questions, realize early on that they do not understand and seek guidance in a timely manner.

Connect the Dots

Encourage readers to form logical connections between what they read and the literary themes surrounding world events or life experiences. This approach enables them to build better comprehension, improve critical thinking, and recognize reasoning within the text.


If your student has trouble with reading comprehension, get them to visualize things in their heads as they read. The other senses can also be engaged—ask your student what they can see, hear, feel and smell in the scene they are reading.

Pick Out the Main Points

In any text, it is important for students to be able to pick out what’s important. Readers who are just starting out can refer to hints such as headings and pictures. Being able to pick out crucial points can also give readers a deeper insight into the conflict or character traits. The ability to determine importance within a text is a skill that will benefit students as they progress through the education system and in later life.

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