Why Should Your Child Enroll In JEI Learning Programs?

Are you looking to enroll your child in a supplementary learning center? Do you believe that your child learns best when teaching is individualized to their skills and abilities? If so, JEI Learning Center is the place you are looking for. We make use of a unique scientific system to cater lessons to our students, and this individualized attention has contributed to our success.

Dedicated Center Directors

With a team of dedicated center directors who are committed to the learning and success of our students, JEI Learning Center has become a respected option for supplementary learning amongst parents. Our directors are required to participate in ongoing education and on-site training as well as attend monthly meetings, annual seminars and other workshops to fully understand JEI’s unique scientific system and the latest developments in education.

Individualized Learning

When you first register your child at JEI Learning Center, a diagnostic test is administered to give us a better idea of their educational needs. This will test their abilities in math and English for the purpose of pinpointing areas of mastery and weakness. After, an Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR) will be drawn up and you will be invited to schedule a free consultation to learn about the results and recommended programs. You can rest assured that when you enroll your child, the pace of learning will be adapted to their individual needs.

Programmed Workbooks

In addition, our comprehensive curriculum of programmed workbooks is designed to make learning fun and effective for students. New skills and concepts are introduced in each weekly workbook, and an Interim Test is given after the completion of each. This helps our instructors determine your child’s level of understanding and mastery, ensuring that the program is perfectly adapted to their ability every step of the way.

Our workbooks include four unique features:

  • Clearly defined learning objectives laid out in a simple manner with illustrations
  • Small, outlined steps that enable students to reach learning objectives effectively
  • Spiral structure that encourages students to build on previously taught skills with the introduction of new concepts
  • Mastery learning that requires the mastery of each learning objective before students move on to the next skill or concept

Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio

At JEI Learning Center, we maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1:5. This allows our teachers to give each child the one-on-one attention they need. You can rest assured that your child’s level of understanding will be evaluated before they are introduced to a new skill or concept. If necessary, the pace of learning will be reevaluated.

When you enroll your child in our JEI learning programs, you can target their weaknesses and areas that need more work in math, English, Reading & Writing and more. Through engaged learning and creative thinking, your child will improve their skills and understanding of learned concepts in a fun and effective manner.

If you need more information about our English, math, or reading and writing programs, do not hesitate to contact us today.