How to spend family night without technology

Family nights are a great way for parents and children to bond and enjoy one another’s company. You grab a cozy blanket, play a favorite movie, share a bowl of popcorn, and debate whether you’re Elsa or Anna. However, want an even greater experience connecting with your loved ones? Put away the TV or any other digital screen and bring out your family’s creativity! There are many fun and educational activities you can do with your child for a night to remember—or several nights, as some of these activities are projects that may take longer.

These are awesome ways to not only connect but also practice lifelong learning with your child. Let’s see what you can do together this weekend!

Original Game Night
Instead of watching TV, you could host a game night at home with the traditional charade, Pictionary, trivia, and Monopoly. There are many benefits to playing games, such as developing critical thinking and social skills and supporting a healthy competitive spirit.

For a creative learning experience and an added challenge, make a whole new game together! Decide on the rules, create a point system, craft a colorful board and pieces, and so on. Perfecting this game could make up a whole month’s worth of family nights. You can adjust the rules and game as necessary while trying it out. This seems like an awesome way to bond without technology, just you, your family, and your imaginations!  

Themed Restaurant Night
Opt for a family dinner, but put a fun, maybe cultural, twist by having a themed restaurant night! One activity to do together is cooking, which is also an important life skill. First, decide on a theme and menu for the night. Should the family enjoy Italian? Indian? Go fusion or classic American? After deciding what to put on the menu, give everybody a task so they feel like they’re contributing, whether it’s measuring ingredients or washing the dishes.  

Setting up the ambiance will be very important, too. Go all out with the decorations and style! Play some retro 50s music for a classic American diner theme. Pull out a red-and-white checkered tablecloth for Italian night. Plate the meal for aesthetic perfection. Light some candles. Dress up to enjoy the fancy meal. Make it feel like you’re dining abroad but from the comfort of your own home.

Poetry/Performance Night
Reach out to your muses and dive deep with poetry night (black turtlenecks and berets optional). Have everyone write a poem to perform on family night! If you want, jazz up the space with candles and mood lighting. Definitely make it mandatory to replace applause with snaps. This is awesome for exploring each individual’s style of poetry, self-expression, writing skills, and artistic eye. You can also decide on one theme (like nature) or a style (like haikus).

Alternatively, consider a performance night! Everyone can get involved. You could write a play or pick the soundtrack for a musical. Your partner could create some DIY costumes and set design. Your child can choose what they’d like to do, as well, whether it’s on stage or behind the scene. Invite extended family over (or invite them through Zoom) to watch the final result of all your hard work!

Scavenger Hunt
Get active! Plan a scavenger hunt for family night. It’s fun to run around and explore everything both inside and outside of the house in the hunt for items. You can place a time limit and even make this a themed scavenger hunt, like one related to your favorite books, class subjects like math, or a season.  

For example, you can write Dr. Seuss-like rhymes that your child needs to use their reading skills to figure out. You can drop scientific hints, like “8 oz H20” for a cup of water. You can ask your child to collect specific autumn-themed nature objects, like a yellow maple leaf and a pine cone, then create an art collage afterwards. Encourage your child to work both mentally and physically for this hunt!

Reading Event
Gather around for a family reading! Books were a great source of entertainment that also fed the mind, so next time, don’t save the storytelling for bedtime. Let the whole family in on it. Everyone can pick the book (we recommend these) and either take turns reading or nominate one reader for the night. Each person could even take on a character, almost similar to performance night.

A perfectly cozy alternative to movie night, reading will spark your child’s imagination and open their minds to many different worlds and genres. If your child is a reluctant reader, this is an especially effective way to help them grow more interested in books and improve reading techniques. As a bonus, follow up with a discussion!

At JEI Learning Center, we know there are many benefits to technology, but sometimes, it’s nice to put it away for more personal interactions. These innovative ways to spend time together will make you forget all about your TV, computers, and phones for the night, especially during a period of remote learning and working. Truly unwind by giving your eyes a rest and creating something together in a collaborative spirit. Craft unique memories with your loved ones through imaginative, educational activities. And make sure to let us know how everything goes!

Does your child really enjoy the special family nights? Then continue your child’s lifelong learning experiences by enrolling them today in our programs. We are scientifically proven to be more effective than tutoring because, rather than tackling immediate problems temporarily, we build a strong foundation for educational excellence for life. We also know the importance of creative, hands-on learning!  

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