What do parents like about the JEI Self-Learning Method?

Many parents who have yet to try our personalized learning programs may wonder what makes us different from any other tutoring program. The answer is simple: we are not a tutoring program. We are an educational system that focuses on lifelong learning and enrichment through our unique JEI Self-Learning Method. Rather than making temporary quick fixes, we target deep-rooted habits and strengthen foundations so your child can become a better, more responsible student. Parents who have enrolled their child in our Common Core-aligned programs have shown immense satisfaction in our unique methodology.

The first thing all parents like about the JEI Self-Learning Method is that it’s personalized for every student with the help of our scientifically proven diagnostic and assessment tests. We recognize that each child can benefit from the same skill sets, such as time management and reading strategies, but they are unique learners who pick these skills up differently. We help them figure out how they learn best at a pace that suits them. One parent, Ruthie Ann Thomas, states:

“I’m really happy that I found JEI because they’re way more than just simple tutoring. The diagnostic testing that they perform finds the causes and the reasons for the problems that the children are having, and they customize the study program—just for what they needed.”

This way, our students receive the attention they need to develop the study habits that work for them and grow confident in their learning abilities! Every child has infinite potential, and we make sure they know that.

Our parents also recognize the universal appeal of the JEI Self-Learning Method in shaping the right mindset. They have shown immense satisfaction at the change they see in their child beyond good grades. A tutor can’t always be there to make sure the student is doing the work, whereas we teach the student to want to do the work. One parent, Yvonne T., said, “The homework hell has ended. After fighting with my 8-year-old daughter on a daily basis to finish her homework, we sought professional help.” JEI turned out to be the right choice as her daughter enjoys the structure and the atmosphere.  

Another parent, Madhavi Malineni, agreed that JEI was the best decision ever made. Madhavi explained, “My kids have become so much more independent doing their homework. They are just 6 and 4 years old. Can you believe it? Yes, they are! They need my help very little now.” Another parent, Billa, added, “My son initially hated to do the homework but later on, he developed the habit of doing his homework regularly with no reminder.”

The JEI Self-Learning Method also emphasizes a growth mindset, so our students never grow complacent. Instead, they come to truly enjoy challenges and chase after them. Our spiral-structured workbooks help because every time they completely master one challenge, they are given another. They learn that there is always room for growth—and that this process can be fun. One JEI mother, Mrs. Pokhrel, said, “My son gets bored if he’s not challenged. We worried there wasn’t enough to keep him motivated.” She was grateful that her son, Rian, grew more interested in math because of JEI Math, which challenged him more than what he was learning at school.

Lastly, the parents see the results! Yvonne credited the JEI Learning Center with her daughter’s acceptance into the Gifted & Talented program while Billa witnessed better understanding of articles and improved school performance overall. Another mom, Carol Hartwell, said, “Since they’ve been coming here, my daughter’s grades have gone from Bs to straight As and my other daughter has gone from getting Cs and Bs to Bs and As.” Parents Mr. and Mrs. Noru said, “Our daughter has become a well-rounded student and has developed strong fundamental knowledge in math concepts. She is doing well in school and entered into the advanced track in math.” Their daughter, Sahana, plans to study Computer Science and Business in the future.

There are many reasons parents have been happy with our JEI Self-Learning Method and State Standard-aligned programs. We go a step above and beyond any other tutoring or educational institution with our special philosophy and lifelong learning practices. Whether your child is in pre-kindergarten or middle school, they can start learning the right way. Help them create a brighter future for themselves by learning writing skills, math skills, and reading techniques at a JEI Learning Center near you.  

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(Testimonials may have been edited for concision and accuracy.)